10 Healthy Dog Food Nutrition Tips
May 16 2022
Published By : Eden Pets Care

10 Healthy Dog Food Nutrition Tips

A dog is not just a mere pet; it is like a member of the family for most people. The loyalty and friendship shown by dogs make them one of the most sought-after pets. Thus, taking care of their diet and nutrition also becomes extremely important. There is no denying the fact that certain dog breeds are sensitive to the type of food they consume. Being aware of it is essential as well.

Fortunately, dog owners have a lot of options as far as choosing a dog food with proper nutritional content is concerned. Dog parents can place filters according to their choice and personalize their dog's food for maximum nutrition. For example, some people prefer dry food for feeding their dogs. It reduces the smell of food and also prevents the buildup of tartar on the teeth. On the other hand, some owners feed wet foods to their dogs to keep the diet nutritionally balanced and increase the consumption of water. Providing medications to dogs can be a cumbersome task. However, masking and hiding it with treats and food is a strategy that many people use. There are also a lot of lifestyle options for dogs that have evolved. For example, there are quite a few good options for pet medicated bath Chennai. You can avail of them and pamper your dog along with the curation of diet.

If you have a dog at home and are looking for tips related to dog food nutrition, this article might be of immense help to you. A few of them are as follows-

1. Educate and evaluate

it is not advisable to just go to a pet store and buy any food advertised for your dog. Make sure you go through the ingredients and be wary of the ones that your dog may be allergic to. This may sound like an easy job but the number of options available these days makes it very difficult to choose. It is always advisable to take a dog expert with you for the first time so that their suggestions can prove to be helpful.

2. Weigh the portions

some people have the habit of filling the food bowl of the dog to the brim with the context of feeding them to their heart's content. However, you will be doing more harm than good by doing so. It is always recommended to weigh the portions of the food before serving it to your furry friends. Several formulas can be used to calculate the portion and they should be adhered to strictly.

3. Make your dogs work for their food

Do not feed your dog for free and by not doing any physical activity. In fact, make them realize the necessity to complete certain tasks to be fed. It can include simple tasks like taking a walk around the house or walking and sitting quietly. This will not only keep them physically active but also prevent them from making a mess while eating. If your dog is losing weight in an unprecedented manner, it might be due to worm infestations. Search for pet deworming Mogappair Chennai and get the treatment done at the earliest.

4. Beware of bloating

bloating and other issues related to gastrointestinal disorders are commonly seen in dogs. It generally happens if your dog eats fast and does not take enough rest after eating and exercises immediately after it. If your dog shows signs of discomfort and bloating, consult a veterinarian doctor at a pet clinic in Mogappair Chennai immediately.

5. Use elevated feeders judiciously

Elevated feeders are appliances that assist in feeding dogs who have problems in lowering their heads for eating. It should not be used for convenience for every dog breed as it increases the chances of bloating and other issues related to gastrointestinal disorders. Only if your dog has some health issues, opt for an elevated feeder.

6. Tailor the dog's diet

the requirement of food for dogs at different stages of life varies. For example, puppies need more energy and their metabolism is fast. So they need to be fed 3 times of dry food a day. The same cannot be said for an older dog. Therefore, provide food according to age and requirement.

7. Be aware of the weight range

every dog breed has a healthy weight range which you should ensure that your dog should stick to at all times. Consult a doctor to determine your dog's range and modulate the feeding and exercise activities to maintain it.

8. Be aware of the allergies

if your dog eats something that it is allergic to, the repercussions might be quite serious. It is always suggested to determine the allergies prematurely by visiting a clinic for veterinary treatment in Mogappair Chennai and being careful about it in the ingredients.

9. Be careful while changing your dog's diet

if for some reason you have to change your dog's diet, don't do it at once. Introduce the new food along with the old one and taper the amount gradually. This will help your dog adapt to the new food without any difficulty.

10. Avoid sugary and salty food

this kind of food increases the chances of diabetes and obesity and also makes your dog finicky and irritable. Avoid them as much as possible.

These are 10 invaluable healthy dog nutrition tips that you should keep in mind to keep your best friend, your dog healthy at all times.