November 8, 2017
Published By : Eden Pets Care

10 Tips for New Cat Owners

Your decision to adopt a cat, not something to be taken too lightly.

Having cats is different from having dogs, they are independent and may not show affection like dogs do. They rule by a different set of laws. So read up well and be well-informed before deciding to bring home a Cat/Kitten.

Here is a carefully chosen list of 10 important facts to keep in mind before bringing home your first cat.

INDEPENDENT: Cats are independent by nature. They love their solitude. Your new cat may take their own sweet time to warm up to you, don’t be discouraged if they don’t greet you at the door upon arrival. This is just who they are, give them their space and they will come around eventually.

SOCIALISING ISSUE: cats do not mingle with new people or animals immediately. Allow there to be some time for the new pets to become acclimated to each other. Make sure to let each pet have a safe zone that they can retreat to.

However, this does not mean that a cat cannot co-exist with other cats or dogs. Cats and dogs of the same house usually grow up to be good friends when introduced at a very small age.

CATS ARE NOT DOGS: If you expect to take out your cat for a stroll around the park or to play fetch – just don’t get one. Cats roam free outdoors and you cannot expect to teach them tricks.

If you are planning to raise your cat as an indoor cat, ensure the house is cat-proofed. Secure doors and windows to avoid cat escape episodes. Also, fix a cat flap on doors to easily let the cat in and out of rooms. Thus, you can avoid having the cat waiting for you to let it in and out of rooms.

FOOD: Cats love milk is a myth. Many cats are lactose intolerance. Try different foods (animal-safe) and see which ones your cat takes a liking to. Cats love fresh water and clean bowls, so ensure to keep their bowls clean and water replaced at least twice a day.

Water fountains are an alternative. If you’re looking to spoil your new companion consider some cat treats or play toys instead of milk.

LIVING SPACE AND PRIVACY: Cats love their privacy. Keep their litter box in a less public space in the house, and it is mandatory to clean it often.

Consider a litter box big enough to accommodate your new cat. Ones with lids are available in the market which can keep odor under control. There are many deodorizers in the market that can help mask the smell in between cleanings.

DEWORMING: Don’t risk the possibility of an infestation, use a monthly dosage of parasite control to safeguard your pet.

PET GROOMING: if not bathing, daily brushing of their silky fur is mandatory to keep them look healthy and shiny. Your cat will love to experience such pampering.

ENTERTAINMENT: Keep your cats engaged with catnips and other cat-friendly toys. Cats love to play by themselves. They are self-entertaining. Even a waste paper bill rolled into a ball can keep your cat entertained for hours.

DAMAGE CONTROL: Cats love to scratch on a lot of surfaces. Sharpening their claws on your leather sofa may not be exactly what you had in mind, but it is a part of their natural process.

This is a form of distressing as well as sharpening their claws. Save your furniture and get scratchboards, cardboards and such materials to keep your cat engaged.

MEDICAL TEAM SUPPORT: Vet visits are as important for cats as are for any other pets. Keep their immunity checks and vaccinations to date.