Eden's Pet Care Services
Mar 22 2023
Published By : Eden Pets Care

Eden's Pet Care Services

We at Eden pet care provide Pet care services for Dog's, Cats, Rabbits & Rodents (Rat, Mice & Guinea Pig).

Boarding Kennels:

Eden's pet care provides pet care services from Boarding kennel, medication & also diagnosis & treating the pets. They provide services For pets that require medication or special monitoring (medical boarding). There will ensure the pet receives medication and veterinarian is available to check on boarding pets should any needs arise.

Pet foods:

We also offer pet foods. Depending upon the pet's diet & condition, we offer foods from different brands like Royal Canin, pedigree and Drools. We also provide immunisation for the pets To ensure good health, your dog or cat need be vaccinated as puppies and kittens and continue to get boosters throughout their lifetimes.

Surgery & Breed management:

Veterinary surgery is also performed whenever needed in Orthopaedic, Cardiovascular & soft tissue also neurosurgery. We will take care of selection of breeding animals with superior growth rate.


Regular grooming will help dogs from healthiness & comfort, It also includes medicated bath, trim, ear cleaning etc. Medicated baths help from allergies caused in the skin.


Advanced diagnosis treatment will help to improve the treatment because pets will not be able to tell where it hurts. Veterinary Care knows that your beloved pet deserves exceptional care at all times. Incredible diagnostics are the best way to achieve complete care for pets. After all, diagnostics help us to determine your pet’s health condition so that we can administer proper treatment, efficiently and effectively.