Winter Care Tips for Dogs
feb 09 2023
Published By : Eden Pets Care

Winter Care Tips for Dogs

Provide Excess Food and Water

Your pet Dog will burn more energy because they need to keep themselves warm. We need to feed them some food & excess water to keep them healthy. Increase your pet’s supply of food, especially protein. And also ensure the food is freshly made. Use plastic food and water bowls instead of metal to prevent your pet’s tongue from freezing to them.

Keep your pet’s outdoor hours during the daytime

Few dog breeds are blessed with thick fur which are naturally warm, few other breeds feel difficult in the climate. So, we need to change the walk time accordingly. Preferred timing is late morning or early afternoon.

Moisturise the skin

During winter, dog’s skin tends to dry, Flaky skin texture. So, we need to apply coconut oil on the skin & prevent them from moisturising the skin.

Make sure their bedding is warm and comfortable

Give your dog a nice pooch sleep. Cover the pooch with a nice warm Blanket. Place the bed in a warm spot.

Hydrate the pet

Winter climate will lower water consumption. Dehydration will be life-threatening. So, hydrate your pets & give them adequate water.

Get a health check-up in winter

Cold weather could cause several Health conditions in pets, such as arthritis, diabetes, or heart disease. Similarly, young or older pets may have very different requirements for care during the cold season. So, a yearly wellness exam is always a good idea for your pets, and there’s no better time like the winter season for it.

Care for Your Pet's Feet

Salt and other chemicals used to melt ice and snow can harm your dog’s feet. Gently rub the bottom of your pet’s paws with a damp towel to remove these irritants after a walk, or buy dog boots to prevent paw irritation during winter weather.

Don't Lock Pets in Cars

Never leave a pet locked inside a car during extremely cold weather. Cars can act like a refrigerator, holding in cold air and putting your pet at risk.