August 27, 2018
Published By : Eden Pets Care

Top 10 Winter Care Tips For Your Pets

Looking to give your dog the best protection?

Being a dog owner there are certain points that you must keep within your mind that will give your pet the best protection.Some dogs love winters whereas others hate to go outside at winter time. Dogs who hate the cold climate would love to cuddle up under a blanket.

But, being the dog owner there lies a lot of responsibility around you and you must be ready to protect your dog, whatever the condition might be.

Many dog owners think that their dogs could withstand the extreme cold just because they have thick fur. However, this is totally a misconception and the cold weather is equally hard on them as it is to us.

Preventing Your Dog From Winter Health Issue

Generally, two of the most diseases that harm the dog during the winter is frostbite and hypothermia.


The disease takes place when your pet body gets cold. This demands the dog’s body to pull down the blood from the boundaries to the center of the body, leading the dog’s ear, feet, and tail to experience a severe cold.

In extreme conditions, it leads to the formation of the ice crystals inside the tissue and damages it. The possible symptoms of this disease could be, dog skin will turn pale or grey. You will also find that your pet skin has got hard and cold.


This is another severe disease that attacks most of the dogs in winter. Often considered to be the second most serious winter disease, this takes place when your dog is subjected to cold most of the time. Spending time in cold leads the dog to get wet in that temperature.

In such cases, dogs shiver in such low temperature and you will find that the feet of your dogs and ear grow cold. As the disease gradually grows, your dog will show a sign of weakness and lethargy.

Upon progression of the disease further, her muscles will get stiff and heart rate will slowly decrease and will fail to respond to stimuli.

Both frostbite and hypothermia are life-threatening disease and protection against them is a must. Given below are some Winter Care Tips for Your Pets that will help to protect your dog this winter

Even Thick Fur Cannot Protect Your Dog from Extreme Cold

There are different dog breeds that are blessed with thick fur coating. These types of dogs can keep their body warm even in extreme cold, but if your dog is thinly coated then you need to take special protection. Make sure to wear her sweater to beat the extreme cold of the winter.

Your dog must be covered from the neck to the bottom of the tail. However, such coats will not be able to protect frostbite in ears and feet. So don’t dare to take your dogs outside the cold climate even after putting the cozy coat in her.

Let the Sun Rays Fall On Her

Being the boss of your dog, you will understand when your dog feels cold. In that case, you must take her for a walk in the late morning or an afternoon.

This is because the temperature is a bit higher and making a day out with your dog will let her feel warmer.

Play with your dog under the sunlight to bless your dog with vitamin D from the Sun. It is recommended to play with toys instead of the stick, this will eliminate the cause of choking.

Outdoor Time Must Be Limited During Winter

Your dog might be fascinated with the winter weather outside, but that does not mean that you will let your dog play outside most of the time.

Even if your dog is furious to withstand the cold, you must take steps to limit her time to stay outside of the house. You can take her outside for a walk and play but make sure to take her in when the temperature starts dropping.

Ensure Cozy Bedding

Apart from limiting your dog’s time outdoors, you must also take care of her bedding. Make sure she does not sleep on cold floors.

So in cold winter, your job is to provide her with a warm bedding to sleep. You can choose a warm blanket and raised beds this will keep your dogs warm.

Away From Heaters

In winter, they will always look for a heat source to keep themselves warmer. So it is your duty to keep your pet safe from such sources. Make sure to keep your pet away from space heaters and fireplaces. Such things could burn your pet.

Moisturize Your Pet Skin

Cold weather leads to dryness and thus often introduces new skin problems like flaky skin and dry skin. In such cases, it is recommended to add a little bit moisturizes.

You can opt for coconut oil; this natural moisturizer is enough to make your dog stay healthy. Apart from the skin if her paws, tails, and ear are also dry you can also opt for this remedy.

Avoid Overfeeding

Cold winter means you will notice lazy behaviors with your dogs. In that case, your dog will not need many calories and so keep a note of her activity level and feed calories accordingly. Whole foods like raw meat would serve enough to keep your dogs healthy.

Keeping Your Pet Hydrated

Just as some winter weather leave your dog to dehydrate. Most of the dogs feed on snow to hydrate themselves but snow is not considered a good substitute of fresh water. So if your dogs play outside to make sure to keep a bowl of water.

Taking Care of Her Paw Is a Must

Just as we suffer from foot crack due to dry winter weather, our pet also suffers from similar things. So if your dog has furry feet, it is necessary to trim the hair growing in between the pads to prevent ice.

If you see your dogs are not comfortable to walk outside due to severe cold, you can opt for dog booties this protect her paws.

Grooming Your Dog

As mentioned earlier your dog needs a coat. You must ensure that the coat covering your dog is clean enough; this will give a better insulation.

That’s all about dogs grooming and caring, winter is one of the most troublesome seasons for dogs and every dog’s owner should be aware of the fact that would keep their dog healthy.

Not only winter cause diseases, it also makes your dog skin go dry, so you should apply moisturizer to keep your dog well.

Keep the above-mentioned steps in mind this will keep you and your dog happy and healthy. The article covers almost all of the things to take proper care of dogs. One can follow the points blindly to save his dog from the harsh winter climate.