March 30 2019
Published By : Eden Pets Care

Risks of Treating Your Pet at Home

There are lots of online posts where you can have access to various methods via which you can treat your pet at home in case of any emergency. It is really convenient. However, in case any fault occurs then your pet’s health would be in jeopardy.

Finding some useful information over on the internet is really helpful. However, the availability of wrong information could be really harmful. Thus, whenever you are going to make some move on your pet for treating a small ailment, you should always consult a vet before doing so. A vet has a great amount of knowledge and would always think about the well being of your pet. Therefore, before going through any article on the web, you should always consult a vet.

Some of the risks which might occur whilst treating your pet at home have been mentioned below:

Providing over the counter drugs to your pet which might not be suitable

Some of the medications which are provided to humans work on animals too. However, the physiology of each and every pet is different. The same medicine might work nicely on both humans and animals. However, keeping the risk in mind, a vet should always be consulted beforehand.

Other over the counter medicine can be dangerous for your pet. The drugs which are safe for animal consumption also needs to be considered nicely because of the presence of additives which might be toxic for your pet.

Providing incorrect dosage of the over the counter drugs

Even when the medicine which is safe for animal consumption, if it is given in a wrong quantity then it might be harmful for your pet. The dosage varies greatly amongst the animals. Some medicine even causes sedation. So always contact your vet before providing any to your pet.

Giving any medicine that interferes with the prescribed drug

Over the counter medicine might interfere with the prescribed drugs given by the vet. Thus, it is mandatory for the owner of the pet to mention beforehand about the medications and supplements which pet intakes.

Treatment of the wrong ailment

The information which you might have found on the web regarding some common symptoms which your pet might be having could possibly be wrong.

Therefore, it is mandatory that the pet is taken to a vet because he or she can only detect the subtle differences. There is also a secondary consideration which suggests that the treatment of wrong ailment might lead to financial losses also.

Providing medications prescribed for other pets

Giving one pet prescribed drugs which was meant for some other animal can result in some serious complications. It is also a bad idea for providing medications intended for one species to some other species.

Using natural products wrongly

Natural products do not mean safe always. Natural products such as herbs and oils are used in treating pets now-a-days. Sometimes, the products might not be regulated nicely, since they may not contain all of specified ingredients. Just because the medications are suitable for human body, it does not mean that it will be suitable for the animals.