July 2, 2018
Published By : Eden Pets Care

10 Peculiar Pet Animals

Pet animals are a joy to have. There are different types of pet lovers out there. While cat lovers and dog lovers are the most common ones out there, there are also other pets that are commonly adopted and loved. This is a list of the 10 weirdest pets that people own.

Capybara – The South American Capybara is related to the guinea pig. As the biggest rodent in the world, it is also a water lover.

Fennec Fox – Foxes are usually not advisable as pets. But the fennec fox is bright and well behaved and are usually from Northern Africa. They are also smaller than cats.

Squirrel Monkey – They are commonly found in South America and are an exotic pet. As they have the largest brain, they can be trained to be in the house very easily.

Stick Insects – They have been in use in educating children at school for many years as they require minimal care and are very visually stimulating. They are usually alone and do not need anyone for company.

Hedgehogs – These small animals are commonly confused to be porcupines and are kept aside along with them. They are very friendly even though they have spines and are very tender with their owners. They are very calm and require minimal maintenance.

Skunks – Once their scent glands are removed, they are a good pet to look after. Not only are they playful, they can also look after themselves and entertain themselves with some toys.

Pygmy Goats – They has a friendly temperament, compact in size and is very similar to small dogs. They are easy to care for.

Spotted Genet – They are originally from Africa and are very independent, strong and active. They are formed as a hybrid between a raccoon, a guy and a ferret.

Sugar Glider – These native Australians have a special membrane that is found from the front to the hind leg and it allows them to glide from one tree to another. They are very social and are found in pairs.

Wallaby – It is the Kangaroos cousin and is commonly found in Australia. Not only do they require a lot of space and grass, they are usually found and brought up in pairs.

If you are reading this and you are an animal lover, you probably want to own one of them. If you do, find out if it is legal in your state and just do it.