June 2, 2017
Published By : Eden Pets Care

14 Tips to keep your Dog Happy & Healthy

Owning a dog is fun and bliss.

They can love you to the moon and back, elevate your mood with just a snuggle and bring in a lot of positivity. They are a huge responsibility as well. Your pooch needs a lot of love and attention in return. Proper care can help them lead a healthy long life.

Each breed of dogs require a different kind of care but there are a few general rules which are list below for you.

Regular exercises: just like us, your fur friend has to workout to maintain a healthy body. It’s best to keep them well toned than let the body fat accumulate. Exercise also makes their bones strong.

Quality food: you might think home cooked is the best choice, but they must be supplemented with top grade dog food. It will aid good digestion too. It should contain all the nutrients and energy in the right quantity. You can search for prescribed and off the shelf, naturally healthy pet foods in Pet Store

Natural instincts: your canine has their very own natural skill sets. Indulge them by doing what they love to do. Consult a veterinarian to learn about your breeds capabilities and nurture them.

Grooming: your furry friend needs grooming as much as you do. they love daily brushing. Their nails should be kept in shape. Their bathing routine will depend on the climate and their breed.

Emotional attention: Dogs too have emotions. They easily get attached to their caregiver and build an emotional bond with them. A pat or two, soft snuggles, verbal appreciations all go a long way into their hearts. Expressing your love for them makes them strong and healthy psychologically. Mental stimulation keeps them happy as well.

Treats: appreciate them as much as possible. Remember to encourage their small deeds too. This boosts their self-confidence and love for yours. Treat them with healthy dog feed, chew bones and other gluten free treats.

Training: consider training your pets very seriously. Apart from the mandatory potty training, and regular sir-stand commands, your pup’s are capable of grasping a lot. Start at an early age and practice continuously. This will prevent bad behavior and boost their good health. Get Pet Experts Advice.

Daily walks: your tiny paws loves fresh air. Walking along with you gives them the opportunity to explore new things while spending quality time with you. Take them to parks or beach so that they can experience the natural world and have some fun.

Deworming: Ticks, fleas, and worms aren’t just irritations for your pooch, they are potential health hazards too. Thankfully, there is a vast range of effective solutions to parasite control available with our vets. Consult a Pet Expert.

Entertain them: just like humans, dogs too need a little bit of entertainment to beat the monotony. Play them some good music and shake a leg with them occasionally. Take them out for a ride around the place or explore new places. Get them new toys which will keep them occupied for some time.

Brush their teeth: as silly as it may sound, brushing their teeth is vital for their oral hygiene and overall health. Brushing teeth also keep it odor free.

Watch for signs: keep an open eye on the changes as they grow. Monitor their health and developments regularly. Fur, teeth, behavior, bowel, energy and the like can give out a lot of information about their well being. Consult the doctor at the first sign of concern.

Comfy safe sleep: dogs love to have their own space, especially for sleeping. find out what their most comfortable location and position is and arrange their sleeping there. Get quality sleep accessories and let them curl up for their nap.

Vet and vaccinations: Regular vaccinations will help keep diseases at bay and timely treatments will let them live long and healthy life. Certain treatments like deworming immunization breeding management etc should be done in time. Consult friendly, experienced vets for checkups.

Treat your pets like your babies. Care for them and invest in their well-being to extend the years you have together!