January 16, 2018
Published By : Eden Pets Care

7 Essential Pet Health Tips for the New Year

Anyone pet owner is always looking for ways to love their pet even more and in keeping them healthy. If you are a veteran or a newbie owner, it is a new year, so let’s go over basics to keep your pet happy, healthy and a long life.

Healthy Diet

Always feed your pets with a high-quality nutritious food.

Make sure the food bowls are always clean if you still find food particles sticking to the bottom of the bowl give them a good coat of vegetable oil, this will prevent accumulation of food and also give your pet a healthy shine.


It is important that your pet is lean. Obesity can lead to a lot of health issue.

So, exercise is the best way to keep your pet physically and mentally healthy. If you have a dog go for a long walk or play fetch. If it is a cat keep them surrounded by toys or given them a ping pong ball.

Veterinary Visits

Visit your veterinarian at least once a year.

Annual examinations and screening tests are most essential, even if your pet looks healthy. Since your pet can’t tell you any of their issues, these tests become very crucial to detect any form of diabetes to a kidney problem. For older pets, visit your veterinarian often.

Dental Care

Just like for humans, plaque build up in can your pet can lead to several health issues.

If you have been waiting for bad breath to come and then clean their teeth, change it right now and visit your vet, ask the dental care products you can use and create a dental routine for your pet.


Vaccinations are the most important thing which determines your pet’s healthy life.

Never ever skip a vaccine. They protect your pets from deadly diseases such as parvo, distemper, rabies and panleukopenia. Consult your vet when it comes to the type of vaccine your pet requires and how often they need to be vaccinated.

Protect From Parasites

After consulting your vet, use products suitable for your pet’s skin to keep them away from parasites like heartworm, fleas and ticks, etc., Parasites can also affect your kid when they play along with your pet. But all these are completely avoidable and curable when you use preventatives suggested by your vet.

Keep Your Pet Hydrated

Living in a tropical country, it is an absolute necessity that your pet has unlimited access to fresh and clean drinking water. Take them walks during the cool hours of the day and use a sunscreen if they have a thin coat. Also, make sure they have access to shade when they play outside.

Because our pets can’t speak, always be on the outlook for signs. Make sure you visit your vet at least twice a year and never skip a vaccination day and maintain your pet at a healthy weight.