Feb 26 2020
Published By : Eden Pets Care

5 Simple Tricks to Create a More Conscious Connection with Your Pets

Some people say that pets are like family. Most people consider them to be a part of the family itself. However, there have been incidences where the pets have been treated as mere animals. The arrogance of human beings has often come to the fore where they think that they are the most superior beings on this planet, and everything is for them. What they fail to understand is that these pets, and all animals, have brains and a heart as well. They recognize and express their emotions in their unique ways.

There are many examples of animals showing their emotions. You can feel it with your pet too. After a full-day out, slogging yourself in an office, when you return home, it always feels fantastic to be greeted with the slurpy kisses and wagging tails of your pets. There is evidence that horses can actually perceive the different emotions of humans and act accordingly. An elephant never forgets someone who has done some good to it. There are numerous examples like this. It just goes on to show that the bond between animals and humans is very deep-rooted.

Accept the fact that your pets have emotions too- not enough stress can be given to the point that your pets, like all other animals, have a lot of emotions. They feel sad, in pain, ignored, happy, and all the range of emotions that are generally seen in humans. Therefore, at no point should you take them for granted. You should empathize with them like anyone else.

Give them their due respect- it is essential to get rid of the mentality that humans have the right to rule over all other animals. The balance of nature is maintained only when animals treat each other with respect. It would help if you did the same with your pets. If they want to laze around and be alone, you should let them be.

Look after their health- it is your responsibility to take care of the health of your pets. Like mentioned before, they are as good as your family members themselves. In case your pet gets sick, take them to a doctor immediately. Vaccinate them according to schedule. Make sure that they are eating the right type and an ample amount of food.

Communicate with them- you will be surprised to know that most animals have a useful human vocabulary as well. Therefore, talk to your pets. They will pick up words and be able to relate it to the type of emotion you are feeling. They will even reciprocate it.

Give them proper training whenever and wherever you can- training is essential for pets as they will be sharing the environment with you. Therefore, make sure that they know what they should do and what they should not and you will have a stress-free life.

Follow the five tips given above and you're emotional connection with your pet will increase automatically.