Feb 26 2019
Published By : Eden Pets Care

How to Deworm Your Dog?

To various worms and parasites, dogs are the most suitable hosts. The dogs, which happen to lick or eat anything up from the streets or from anywhere, are bound to pick up certain parasites or worms indeed. However, if these pets lick or kiss any humans or any other animals as a sign of their gesture, then these certain parasites or worms might even enter the system of other animals and humans alike.

The parasites or worms find their way into your dog at any time possible and then if your dog shows up any symptoms of vomiting, coughing or maybe loss of weight then make sure that you take him or her to a vet and the doctor would get to know exactly what your pet dog has been suffering from. The treatment procedure however would be dependent on the type of worm which is residing inside your dog’s body as well as to the affected body part.

Confirm the worm

Most of the common worms are named as tapeworms, hookworms and whipworms that are found in the system of dogs. The mostly reside in the intestine, so that is the first place where the vet would be looking likewise.

If the time for your pet dog’s annual check up has come near or you think that your dog has worms inside its body then all you need to do is provide your vet with a fresh stool sample. Scoop up the fresh stool inside a polythene bag and provide it to the vet. He or she will do the necessary checkups and will let you know accordingly. He will be checking the sample under the microscope and will let you know about the kind of worm which is residing in your pet’s system.

The major issue lies if your dog has heartworms which is a foot long worm and causes serious health issues and stuff. This worm gets transported via mosquitoes from one dog to the other and therefore a blood test is required in order to determine whether it is the heartworm or not.

How to get the worm out of your pet dog’s body

There are lots of ways via which the worm inside your dog’s body could be removed. The sooner the worm gets eliminated from the dog’s body, the sooner your pet will feel better and be healthy and active once again.

The vets are likely to pour the medicine orally into the dog or maybe give them a shot in order to kill the worms present in their system. Many of these drugs are commonly known as ‘wide-spectrum’ since these drugs are a punch of variety of medicines and thus they are much better for treating a wide range of worms and parasites including the worms which reside in the intestine of the dog. These drugs are very much poisonous to the pests residing in the system but are safe for the dogs.

However, some of the vets deworm the dog within the 2-3 weeks after the birth of the new puppy so that there isn’t any more problem regarding these pests and worms no matter what in the future.