March 27, 2018
Published By : Eden Pets Care

Rabbit as Pet – What to expect?

Bringing home an adorable, cute, loving rabbit which beams with personality and cuteness is exciting at every level. But before you pick your favourite from the pet store make sure you’ve gone through this list.

The Rabbit House

Bunnies are a very social and interactive animal and they do not get contended to a cage. So when you buy a cage for your rabbit make sure it has enough space to move around.

Play Time

Rabbits need a great deal of attention and interaction with their owners and/or other rabbits to be happy on a daily basis. It is essential that you set aside a daily playtime and exercise outside of their case.

Rabbits Are Grinding Machines

Rabbits eat anything and everything they lay their paws on. It is your duty to follow a veterinarian prescribed diet and have an eye on them before they get too chubby.

Bunny-proofing Your House

A rabbit will take not just the corner you assigned to the cage but almost all your house. So it is necessary for you to study on the ways you can bunny proof your entire house.

Each Rabbit Has a Distinctive Personality

You won’t get this if you are a new owner. When you are at the store spend some time with each rabbit and try to understand their personality. They can be charming, affectionate and very interactive. Take home the one which suits your personality.

it Is Easy to Train a Rabbit

Using a litter box or doing a trick or lifehack, bunnies can be easily trained. Encourage your pet when they do it right by rewarding them with novel treats. This positive reinforcement training will work wonders.


Rabbits get stressed out on traveling and living in an unfamiliar environment. So decide on a pet-sitter before buying them in case of emergencies. If you are someone who travels a lot, a rabbit may not be your ideal pet.

Bunny Toys

If you don’t want you cables or books to get chewed on, provide them with a lot of chew toys. Build them a cardboard castle filled with toilet paper, old phone books and other forms of entertainment.

They Are a Long-term Commitment.

With good nutritious food and proper care, rabbits will easily live more than 10 years. So buying a rabbit as a pet is a family decision.

Cutest living thing.

Can you even find a pet which is more cutter, adorable, silent, clean? I bet, no. A fuzzy ball which rolls around your home making the cutest face while eating an orange.

A bunny would be a perfect addition to your family if you have the time to meet its needs.