May 28, 2018
Published By : Eden Pets Care

5 Most Common Health Issues in Dogs All Canine Owners Need To Know

Our canine companions rely on us for their well-being.

It is the responsibility of pet owners to make sure that their faithful companions are in good health. There are many reasons why your dog can fall sick.

Therefore, in order to keep your dog healthy, you need to take some extra care. For that, we need to have some knowledge about what might cause degradation in a dog’s health.

Let us take a look at the most common health issues that arise in dogs.


Infections such as parasites in the intestines, viral infection, and excessive stress are some factors responsible for Diarrhea in dogs. Make sure that clean drinking water is available in abundance. If the symptoms persist, immediately take your dog to a vet.

Hot Spots

Hot spots are areas that appear red due to inflammation.

Attack by fleas is one of the leading causes of Hot Spots in dogs. This is a common problem that is easy to pick up as well as easy to treat. But if this bacterial infection is left untreated it can cause immense discomfort to your pet. Your vet may prescribe some topical medication, sprays, shampoos, and oral medicines.


Some of the most common parasitic attacks in dogs include those arising due to Tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms, and whip worms.

The presence of worms is indicated by a sudden weight loss, changes in the appetite, dryness or roughness in the coat, and an overall degraded appearance. Different medications are designed to kill different types of worms. Therefore, the best way to get your dog out of this unpleasant situation is to take him to a vet.

Infections in the ear

Ear infections are one of the most common canine issues that are caused due to a variety of factors such as the excessive growth of hair in the canal of the ear, bacteria, yeast, mites, and allergies.

The problem is indicated by frequent scratching, imbalanced walking, redness in the ear canal, ear discharge or swelling. This condition can be easily treated by a vet with the help of oral medications or disinfection of the ear.

However, if due to the vigorous shaking of the head, a blood vessel gets ruptured, surgery might be needed.


If you tend to pamper your pooch way too much by feeding him excessively and letting him sit around on your lap all day long, then you need to wake up and take charge of your dog’s health. Improper diet and a lack of exercise can cause obesity in dogs.

So, these were some common health problems in dogs that all dog owners need to be aware of. If something seems other than usual, don’t hesitate to call your vet.