July 27, 2018
Published By : Eden Pets Care

How to Groom a Scared Dog

One of the most enjoyable activities that you get to enjoy as a pet owner is grooming your dog. But what if your dog is reluctant to have this moment with you? This can make the activity more challenging. More so, if he is scared, you have to be really careful as to not to scare him any further.

A scared dog is constantly moving and can scratch, nip, cut or bite due to excessive apprehension. Well, regardless of the reason for your dog, it is your duty to address it before it turns into an aggressive habit. Let us take a look at how you can groom your pooch when he is literally shuddered by the process of grooming itself.

Gathering the Supplies

Dog grooming requires more tools than you can possibly think of, so make sure you have all the supplies ready at an arm’s length. Since your dog might be a little restless, you won’t get a chance to move around a lot. Even if you try to add more items afterward, it can disrupt the entire training process.

Get Him Familiar

The first process in removing the dog’s fear is to get him familiar with the tools. Of course, the tools are dangerous and you can’t just hand them over. Try to place some chew toys along with the tools and divert him accordingly. Make your pooch feel like grooming is a fun activity.

Placing the Tools

Before using the tools directly on him let your dog get accustomed to a new touch on his body, especially sensitive zones such as near the claws. Give him an opportunity to sniff them and praise him when he shows a positive reaction. Be patient and let him take his time.


Sometimes it might happen that despite all your efforts, your dog doesn’t comply with you and completely refuse to cooperate. In such a situation, don’t force your dog into undergoing the process.

In order to make any activity a joyous one, make sure you never associate any negative situation to it. In order to make it enjoyable repeat the process before you start the actual grooming as a part of the training session of the dog.

Keep It Short

Dogs have a short attention span. Nothing spoils any activity with your furry friend than long session. Grooming is specially one of those activities that you need to do in short sessions.

For the first few weeks, short sessions will help your pet get familiarized with the process and you get a chance to show it to him that he can enjoy it. Once your dog successfully lets you groom him, make sure you reward him with his favorite toy.


Grooming a dog requires patience. Grooming a scared dog requires a whole new level of stoicism. But if you handle the situation with love and care, within no time, you can get your canine buddy to enjoy grooming with you.