June 18 2019
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Puppy Food Types, Feeding Schedule, and Nutrition

Aug 19 2019

Are you fascinated with your cute puppy? Is your puppy feeling hungry? Don't know what type of food can give him proper nutrition. Well, read this article out and feed your puppy with the best food to give a perfect growth.

As compared to other animals puppies grow faster and during their growth period, they require proper nutrition to build teeth, strong bones and muscles. As an owner of the puppy, you must be concerned about the nutrition and the timings during which you must feed your puppy.

As your puppy grows up he will try to play and learn several things and all these staffs require a lot of energy that will come from proper nutrition.

What should you feed your puppy

Now, most of the owners do not know about what they should feed their puppy. If you explore the market you will come across a lot of varieties of puppy foods. But how will you come to know which food is right for your puppy?

Even if you are a dog owner for quite a while, you might not know the difference in the nutritional needs of an adult dog and your puppy. Basically, in the case of adult dogs, it only requires to maintain their body. However, puppies need extra nutrition to enhance growth.

The right time to feed your puppy with solid food

For the first 4 weeks, they will feed on their mother's milk. After that puppy will not get enough energy to perform their task and does they will depend on solid food. So you can give solid food after four weeks

However, it is advisable to feed your puppy with moist food for 8 weeks.

Choosing the right quality of puppy food

Now that came to know about the time that you should feed your puppy now it's time for high-quality puppy food. During the past few months, the nutritional needs of a puppy will change rapidly.

Once your puppy becomes 6 weeks old you must assess his health. If you find that your puppy is not playing with full energy then you must report it to a veterinary doctor.

How many times should you feed your puppy

During their growth stage that is when they are in between 4 to 6 months, they must be fed 3 times a day. However, once they are above 6 months twice a day is fine.

It is always recommended that during their growth period you must feed your puppy with a lot of calories.

If you consider feeding twice the meal of an adult dog to your puppy then it will be fine. During their first six months, they grow very faster. However once the growth phase is over, you can continue feeding the normal to your puppy.

Every dog owners are quite concerned during the growth phase and always wondered about the question of whether their puppy is eating the right amount of food or not?

Hope all this information has been helpful to ensure a comfortable and healthy life.