Nov 18 2021
Published By : Eden Pets Care

Travelling With Your Pet - What Are The Real Pros And Cons?

The relation between humans and animals goes back thousands of years. Whenever a family adopts an animal as a pet, they become part of the family over the years. However, nowadays, an issue that has become a concern for pet lovers is travelling with pets, especially in nuclear families. Therefore, the number of pet-friendly travel destinations have increased rapidly over the years for travel lovers. Several opportunities exist, such as dedicated dog parks and pet-friendly hotels with pet walking services that have started in every part of the world. This has been done exclusively to encourage pet travel and has been a great opportunity for those who want to travel and experience new places with their favourite furry friend.

However, there are also some drawbacks of travelling with pets. First and foremost, the cost gets higher as well as the journey may take a toll on the animals. Hence, before starting a journey with pets, a person should consider experts' opinions from Pet care clinic Mogappair Chennai and look into the advantages and disadvantages of travelling.

The Pros of Travelling with Pets

1. Not missing the Furry-Friends

When someone travels with their pets on holidays, there is a certain peace of mind since there will be no concern about their safety or mood. This also nullifies the need to constantly checking on the animals over phone calls or video calls. This will lead to a stress-less experience and making new memories with the little friends.

2. Beautiful Company

A good company is always beneficial for any travelling. In the case of pets, most of these are pack animals, and they enjoy the most when they are with their leader, that is, the owner. Hence they can be the best companions anyone could ask. So, whether it is about exploring new places or going to dog-friendly beaches, a person with a pet can create an experience of a lifetime.

3. Meeting New Faces

Besides making travelling with pets a fun experience, an owner can also become more social. Recent studies have revealed that compared to normal travellers, pet owners have 60% more chances of meeting new people when travelling. These small and lovely animals often serve as the ideal ice breaker to start a conversation with strangers. This will also help a person make new connections and relationships with unknown people that can last for life.

4. Slowing Down

Often, holidays become very hectic as travellers try to visit every place possible within a short amount of time. However, this is not the case when someone travels with pets as everything gets slower. This will allow a person to enjoy the whole travelling process, help them live the moment and make them free from tight sightsee schedules.

5. An Enhancing Experience

Finally, travelling with pets helps the owner to experience new places that they never thought of visiting. For example, pet-friendly cafes and attractions lead to beautiful findings that someone may have missed out on if their pets were not accompanying them. It also increases the chances of enjoying a more outdoor holiday experience.

The Cons of Travelling with Pets

1. Costlier

Travelling with pets will obviously increase travel expenses. In several places, the cost of domestic pet travel via aircraft is very high depending on the distance and the destinations. Interestingly, someone calculates travelling costs, insurance and accommodation, and other miscellaneous expenses; travelling with a pet can be equal to the expenses of taking another human on the journey. However, there are alternatives, such as checking the pet into a much cheaper boarding facility. Therefore, it is advisable to do proper research and price comparison before taking the furry friend along.

2. Stressful on Animals

Pets are usually very laid back animals, and long travel days along with new environments can prove to be stressful on pets who are unfamiliar with travelling, as advised by Pet Store Mogappair Chennai. They can feel lost in the new places as their daily routine goes off the charts, and they miss the comfort of their home. Moreover, flying is often a stressful experience for many animals. In some places, pets are not allowed in the passenger area and are kept in the cargo space in an airline-approved crate. Therefore, although the airlines provide the best service they can, the small space confinement can lead to anxiety in some animals.

3. Hindrance to the Travel Plans

Although travelling with pets can result in many fun things, there are also certain places where pets are not allowed. In some national parks, entering with pets is strictly prohibited. The same regulation is followed for galleries, museums and other places with indoor attractions. There will also be problems when the owner has to go for groceries, shopping or other random places as they will need someone to look after the animals.

4. Extra Luggage

Homegrown pets need extra care whenever they go out of the confinement of their familiar places. This will lead to extra luggage and suitcases for the travelling animals. A person's most basic things are a pack of collars and leashes, pet food, and a bed. Other necessary things are waste bags, medications, grooming instruments, blankets and toys. Owners who are new to travelling with pets can check out the other essential items from any website on the internet for convenience. Therefore these are some of the pros and cons of travelling with pets. Hence, a person should consider all the factors and ask experts from pets care in Mogappair chennai before going out with their little animal friends to avoid problems and a stressful experience for them and their pets.