May 29 2019
Published By : Eden Pets Care

Top 5 Dog Games to Keep Your Dogs Mind Sharp

Dogs are not only one of the best pets but are the most loyal and lovely animals. Dog’s age limit is up to 10-14 years according to the breed. In their life time, they give us so much love, loyalty, and care to us. In the same way, it is our duty and would be a sweet gesture for dogs to take care of them in a smart way. There are many ways to play with a dog which is not only fun but will also help in enriching his mind and body.

Try To Change the Walking Routes

When you take your dog for a walk, try not to keep your path same every time. It will get boring and usual for you and your dog. You should keep changing your walking route by choosing different neighbourhood roads. It will give your dog new environment to feel fresh and he will get to know about different scents in the world which is good for his natural ability of smelling.

Plan Play Dates

Taking your dog for a walk is a healthy exercise but introducing your dog to new friends is amazing and would be a change of atmosphere for the pet. You can take your dog at your friend’s place who has also kept a dog as pet. Making and letting your dog spend some fun time with his new mates will freshen up his mind and body from same daily routine. You just have to take care that your dog as well as your friend’s dog are properly vaccinated on time so that none of them gets infection or fall sick.

Provide Better Toys

One of the favourite hobbies of dogs is playing with toys. You can provide your dog with toys like chew toys, tug-of-war, Frisbees, boxes and even baskets. You can give your dog a treat by giving his favourite toy or toys that dispense food when he completes his task or things said by you. Ask your dog to put back all his toys in the box again after playing. You can give names to toys and ask your dog to bring that toy to you. If he brings a wrong toy, he will go back and bring another toy and this time, it may be the right one and like this, he will learn new things.

Make Him Learn Simple Obedience Training

Train your dog with simple friendly things which will make his confidence boost up and personality interesting. You can give training of activities like handshake, sit, stand, roll, stay, lay down, come here and shake. These things will be good starting points. Your dog will get to learn new things and he will memorize meaning of each new word you will train him with.

Give a Try to Agility Training

Agility training not only improves physical health but also stimulates mental ability. You can provide your dog with such atmosphere by going to parks or creating your own park by setting obstacles by using containers, stairs, ramps or tunnels etc. Give him treat after completing each task correctly.