Jan 31 2019
Published By : Eden Pets Care

5 Tricks to Keep Your Senior Dog Healthy & Happy

Every devoted dog parent wants his pet to be healthy and happy as long as possible. At age 7, a dog is considered as a senior and in these golden years he requires same extra care and attention as puppies do.

It is important that the second half of their lives is made healthy and happy through specialized nutrition and care. If you own a senior dog or have you decided to adopt one, follow these 5 tricks to keep him healthy and happy as they age.

1. Make sure your dog’s aging body is comfortable

Keeping your dog physically active and at a healthy weight will help to control joint diseases like arthritis as he ages. You can add variety of supplements like omega-3 fats, eggshell membrane and natural anti-inflammatory formulas to his diet which will help to maintain his ligaments, joints, tendons and cartilage.

If your dog is physically uncomfortable, visit a vet right away and do not assume that it is part of his aging. Keep your senior dog’s muscles toned by giving him a regular massage. Massage will not only improve circulation but will also ease joint stiffness which will help him to move around freely.

2. Make sure that you give him daily exercise

Senior dogs still require daily exercise in order to maintain good health. They cannot exercise with same intensity as they used to do earlier but still they require regular walks and other physical activities suitable according to their age. You can try passive range-of-motion (PROM) exercise, targeted strengthening exercises and balance and proprioception exercises to improve physical ability of your dog. Gentle stretching is also a great way to improve longevity and well-being of a senior dog.

3. See your vet twice a year

For your senior and geriatric dogs, make sure that you schedule veterinary visits at least twice a year as at this time their diet, exercise habits, weight, supplement protocol, muscle tone may require a review.

The vet will perform required blood tests to investigate any issue in pet’s internal organ. A senior pet wellness screen will help in an early detection of any change in your dog’s health. Regular screening will help in identifying any change by comparing present results with the past one.

4. Provide a high-quality protein diet

A senior dog requires more protein to be included in his diet. Compared to younger dogs, senior dogs actually need more amount of high-quality protein. High amount of protein will increase the moisture in the food which will be easy to digest by the aging organs of pet.

5. Provide him opportunities for mental stimulation and socialization

Every dog needs regular social interaction with other people and pets, no matter what age he is. The dog starts feeling a scary and confusing place if he does not stay active and involved.

Provide him with playtime and short periods of socialization. Sticking to a fixed routine will help to reduce mental uncertainty and anxiety in your dog.

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